Who invented Fibre optic broadband?

Narinder Singh Kapany (Punjabi: ਨਰਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ) (born 31 October 1926) is an Indian-born American Sikh physicist known for his work in fibre optics. He was named as one of the seven ‘Unsung Heroes’ by Fortune in their ‘Businessmen of the Century’ issue (1999-11-22).[ He is also known as “Father of Fiber Optics”.The term fibre optics was coined by Singh Kapany in 1956.[He is a former IOFS officer.

In 1960 Dr.Narinder Singh Kapany, wrote an article in Scientific American which coined a new term, which is called – ‘Fiber Optics’. He is an Indian born American physicist known for his pioneer research work in fiber optics and considered as one of the founders of fiber optics and popularly called as first light-bender, an important invention used in voice, data, and video transmission technologies and even used for medical purpose such as endoscopy, bronchoscopy.

Narinder Singh Kapany was one of a unsung heroes, as described by Fortune magazine in 1999. While working in ordnance factory after graduation, Kapany thought that light need not travel in a straight line, that it could be bent.

Unlike to many, he is a non-IITian and rather graduated from Agra university, done Ph.D from prestigious Imperial College of  London in 1955 and noticeably, he has more than 120 patents to his name.


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