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Welcome to Geeky Baba. We are happy to have you here!. www.geekybaba.com is a one-stop entertainment blog. This blog is all about the latest updates in the fictional world of superheroes, comic books, anime, mangas, movies, web series, shows, and even video games.

Meet the founder of geekybaba.com

geeky baba

Pawan Undirwade aka Geeky Baba

Hi there! I’m a super fan of superheroes, comic books, movies, web series, anime, and video game worlds. By day I own a fitness studio and teach music. And in my spare time, I blog about my passions and views on the fictional entertainment world.

Vision behind geekybaba.com

I’ve been a big superhero and video games fanatic since my childhood. So, I decided to start a blog on my passions of the fictional world. And so on my 25th birthday I decided to launch this website. I created an identity persona of Geeky Baba. Geeky Baba meaning – a well versed person about the superhero, anime, and entertainment world. I have always had many exciting views on the latest movies and shows, and all the pop culture world of today and decided to share it with world through this blog. I hope it’s going to be an exciting journey. It’ll be merrier if you tag along as well!

I hope you enjoy the blog. I’d really love to know your interests and what else would you like to see on this site!

We have categories ranging from – superheroes, anime, movies, web series, shows, comic books, manga, and even video games! Hence, your one-stop entertainment blog! Please do check out our latest posts.

This was a little intro about our website. Feel free to drop your reviews and what else you would like to see on our blog.

You can contact us at – geekybabablog@gmail.com

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