Morbius – 2022 Marvel Movie

Marvel has been putting the lesser-known characters of their universe in the spotlight. For example, the much-awaited Moon Kinght Disney+ series. And now Morbius. A movie based on one of the antagonists who first appeared in the Spider-Man comics.

Official trailer of the movie. (Video courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Who is Morbius –


The character has also been termed the Living Vampire in Marvel comic books. Morbius is a doctor known as Dr. Michael Morbius. Micahel has a rare blood disease. To cure the disease and also save his closest friend Milo, he tries to find a cure. But, when a biochemical experiment goes awry, he is induced with pseudo-vampire abilities. Such as echolocation, night vision, heightened senses, superhuman strength, and speed. And of course thirst for blood. Some notable abilities include wind navigation, which allows him to glide distances, and mind control till some point. His characteristics resemble very close to a supernatural vampire. But don’t have the weaknesses of a supernatural vampire. (Such as garlic, holy water, cross, etc.).

Image Credits – Marvel Comics

The persona of the character and storyline is very intriguing. Since Morbius is a doctor who pledged to help people and is now a pseudo-vampire. As a result of which his persona is always torn between ethics and his superhuman urges to feed on blood. He is constantly shown to be in search of a cure for his condition.

Movie Review –

Marvel and Sony released the movie on 1st April 2022. Jared Leto plays the role of Morbius who has also acted as Joker in Suicide Squad. The plot follows the story of our protagonist similar to the comic books.

Movie poster (Image credits: Marvel)

After a major hit by Spiderman – No Way Home, Morbius is kind of disappointing to the fans. The movie is being majorly criticized for its lazy storyline and visually confusing CGI. The production team has cut a lot of scenes from the trailer in the movie.


Also, the post-credits scene teases Michael Keaton’s vulture meeting Morbius to take down Spider-Man. Suggesting the team-up of the Sinister-Six, a villainous group against Spider-Man in the comic books. But, it’s never clarified how Vulture got into the same universe after the events of No Way Home and what does Morbius has against Spider-Man.

Overall, we could say it’s a good attempt but a mediocre film. And, can be skipped if you are watching the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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