What is rataalada.com?

Are you a Batman fan? Ever wondered what it would be like to go against one of his foes? Come find out what is it like to go against Riddler, one of Batman’s rogue galleries on rataalada.com

With the release of The Batman movie in 2022. Batman and Riddler have taken the internet by storm! People have been appreciating the new movie. There is a special hint at the end of the movie which teases the website rataalada.com


The Batman Poster

The Batman is a DC superhero movie. Released on 4th March 2022 the movie has got a positive response from the viewers breaking the box-office right after a major hit of Spider-man No Way Home. And is a must-watch for the DC fandom. Robert Pattison has donned the caped crusader identity and introduced a new look of Batman in the DC cinematic universe. The movie tells the story of Bruce Wayne who is in his initial years of being Batman when he is faced by the Riddler. Riddler is a cunning and smart foe who likes to riddle Batman with riddles in the investigation whose trademark is a question mark.

The Riddler from the movie The Batman

In the post-credit scene of the movie. The movie has dropped a message – <?> in green with “GOODBYE?” and flashing the website – ratalaada.com

Fun fact! Rat Alada translates to “A flying rat” in Spanish.



rataalada.com greets you with a code. This leads to a chatbox-type format where it feels like you are interacting with The Riddler. Just like how Batman and Riddler interact in the movie. On the website, it is shown as if the user is interacting face to face with The Riddler online.

A snapshot of the website

Go ahead and try your wits against one of the greatest foes of Batman. The website rataalada.com responds with real-life-like responses in real-time. Making it even fun and exciting to solve the riddles.

This little creative take by the movie creators and DC is a hint that The Riddler will be back for more and we will soon be seeing more of the Batman and Gotham city in the future. This has created an immense base for a whole new storyline and plot to follow for the franchise.

If you give it a try let us know if you were able to solve them and what was the response afterward.

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