Barry Keoghan Joker

The Batman – Deleted Footage

The Batman movie is trending all over the globe for its amazing storyline, visuals, and characters. Following the story of Bruce Wayne (portrayed by Robert Pattinson) in his initial years of being the caped crusader. Matt Reeves, the director of the movie released a deleted 5-minute footage revealing actor Barry Keoghan as the new Joker. Finally, we will be seeing what Robert Pattinson’s Batman has to go against as the clown prince of Gotham emerges.

Barry Keoghan Joker
A snapshot of the Batman played by Robert Pattinson meets the Joker played by Barry Keoghan from the footage

Barry Keoghan Joker – The new Clown Prince of Gotham

Check out the video below to watch the 5-minute deleted footage from the movie – (Video courtesy – by IGN)

Video courtesy – By IGN

We have tried to breakdown and find easter eggs from the footage below –


Clearly, it is an amazing hype to watch the all-new Batman by Robert Pattinson and the Joker by Barry Keoghan come face to face. In this footage it’s shown that Batman has come to the Joker, trying to profile the Riddler (the main antagonist of the movie) at Arkham. So we can be sure that in this universe the Arkham Asylum, an infamous place located in Gotham exists.

Barry Keoghan Joker
We can also see Barry Keoghan as the Joker wearing the Arkham uniform.

We see a few bits of the Joker. His complete persona is yet to be revealed. Maybe it is a plan for upcoming sequels for the movie. But you can see as the way the Joker greets Batman, it’s pretty clear that they have crossed paths before and Batman put him in Arkham. This new Joker look suggests that the character has had a complete makeover from its previous versions. Barry Keoghan has portrayed the characteristics of the character up to the mark. The laugh, the cackling, the wits against Batman, and the deranged nature of the character are perfectly depicted by the actor. Matt Reeves though has stated that these characters haven’t reached their full potential yet. By which we can understand that these are the early days of both Batman and Joker.

Barry Keoghan Joker
A faint image of Joker from the footage.

Easter eggs

In the footage as Batman approaches Joker trying to deduce and collect theories from Joker on who is the Riddler. The Joker here quotes – “well, you are normally so ahead of the curve” and cackles into laughter. It’s a reference to Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker in The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. Where in the interrogation scene Heath Ledger’s Joker quotes – “I am not a monster, I am just ahead of the curve.” Suggesting that no matter what he will always be one step ahead of Batman. But here in this footage what Joker quoted about being ahead of the curve meant that he is surprised that Batman came to him to know about Riddler and usually that Batman’s the one who is always one step ahead.

The future of the DC cinematic universe seems to hold high hopes for the upcoming sequels and more exciting things for the fans.

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